Teen(r)age labels for 10 ml roller bottles


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You will receive:
(1) sheet of labels - 10 labels total
(1) recipe card

Following are the labels included:

  1. Mean Girls: Don't let them get to you.  Roll this on your pulse points.
  2. Boys are Stupid: He doesn't know what he's missing.  Roll this on your pulse points.
  3. Get it Together Girl: Roll this on your hands, cover your nose and mouth and take 10 deep breaths to calm anxious feelings.
  4. I Got This: You can do it!  Roll this on your pulse points for a confidence boost.
  5. Alarm Clock Blues: Wake up!  Roll this on your spine and under your nose for an energy burst.
  6. Zone In: Don't zone OUT - zone IN!  Roll this on your head for focus.
  7. Raging Skin: Clear it up.  Roll this on trouble spots.
  8. Raging Hormones: Hormones are THE WORST.  Get control by rolling this blend on your feet.
  9. This Sucks. PERIOD.: Hang in there.  Toll this on your abdomen.
  10. Parental Problems: Roll this on your pulse points instead of slamming the door.

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