Most Popular Blend Labels for Roller Bottles


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This essential oil label set is designed for you to download and print yourself at home.  Once printed, simply cut out the labels, apply an adhesive to them and then add them to your 10ml roller bottles.

Or you can select the option to have us apply the labels to our essential oil bottles and send to you as pre-labeled 10 ml roller bottles.  We will use the same process as you would at home, but simply take the work out of it for you and ensure your roller bottles look as awesome as possible.

Once you complete the checkout process you will receive an email with a link to download your bottle labels!

Please note, this is an electronic delivery that you will need to print out on your printer.  If you use regular paper, the labels will not be oil proof. We recommend placing clear packing tape over them to help protect.

These labels do not come with a recipe card but all of the oil blends are listed for you in our Roller Bottle Guide.  Get to printing and label up all of your oil supplies!

Labels for the following blends are included:
+ immune boost
+ sinus
+ anxiety
+ cough
+ allergy
+ ouchie
+ itch stick
+ motion sickness
+ pounding head

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