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Mommy & Me Bundle

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  • Product Description
    • "You will never look back on life and think 'I spent too much time on my kids.' " - Unknown

      Have fun connecting with your kiddos while simultaneously teaching them how easy it is to make and use non-toxic products in your home. 

      No need to waste time gathering materials and searching for fun things to do together - we've done all that for you! In our Mommy & Me Bundle, you get all containers, recipes, ingredients, and labels needed to make your own Aromatherapy Dough, Ouchie Roller, Clean Hands Gel, and a Monster Spray together. 

      You will use your own essential oils and fractionated coconut oil to create these DIYs, but we provide all other ingredients you will need in one convenient kit!

      This DIY bundle includes:

      • (1) 16oz plastic tub to store your aromatherapy dough
      • (1) 10ml matte clover roller bottle
      • (1) 2.7oz plastic bottle with flip up lid
      • (1) 4oz aluminum spray bottle
      • flour
      • olive oil
      • cream of tartar
      • aloe vera gel
      • vitamin E oil
      • (4) pre-printed labels for these projects
      • (1) downloadable recipe sheet

      Suggested oils to make these projects:  Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, OnGuard (Protective Blend), Wild Orange, Serenity (Restful Blend), and Adaptiv (Calming Blend).

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