Manly Man labels for 10 ml roller bottles


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You will receive:
(1) sheet of labels - 10 labels total
(1) recipe card

Following are the labels included:

  1. Strongest Man Alive: Give those muscles a break.
  2. You Probably Need Stitches: Roll this on first.
  3. Man Cold: You're going to be fine.
  4. Anger Management: Take a deep breath and count to 10.
  5. Act Like A Man: It's ok to cry.  Use this blend to stay in control of your emotions without hiding them.
  6. Hair Today...: Keep it from being gone tomorrow... Roll on your hairline.
  7. Remember To Turn Off The Lights: Protect your mind AND your sanity!
  8. Giddy-Up: Get ready to go.
  9. Don't Stress: Relaaaaaaax.
  10. Beard Oil: Roll on hands and apply to beard.

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