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Hormonal Mess labels for 10 ml roller bottles

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  • Product Description
    • You will receive:
      (1) sheet of labels - 10 labels total
      (1) recipe card

      Following are the labels included:

      1. Still hot ... if flashes count: Cool it!  Rub this on the back of your neck and down your spine.
      2. Dear 3am.  We've got to sop meeting like this: Go to sleep... stay asleep.  Roll this under your nose or on the bottom of your feet.
      3. Get your groove back: Get in the mood.  Roll this where you can smell it, as well as on your spine.
      4. If I could just remember what I'm looking for...:  Power through the brain fog- improve your memory and focus by rolling this on the base of your skull.
      5. Awesome ends in me: You rock.  We know it. Roll this on your pulse points to help you remember too.
      6. If you don't like this mood, wait 5 minutes: Mood swings?  Who me?  Roll this on your pulse points to keep it balanced.
      7. Wrinkles & acne?  This is ridiculous: What's going on with our skin right now?  Roll this on your face to get it under control.
      8. Pause the Meano: Leave the temper tantrums for the toddlers.  Roll this on your pulse points to keep control.
      9. Don't make me thy-Roid Rage on you: Roll this blend over your thyroid twice daily for support.
      10. I just wanna do bad things with carbs: Step away... from the cake.  Roll this on your pulse points to curb cravings.
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