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College Survival labels for 10 ml roller bottles

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  • Product Description
    • You will receive:
      (1) sheet of labels - 10 labels total
      (1) recipe card

      Following are the labels included:

      1. No Place Like Home: You don't have to admit that you're homesick.
      2. 8am Class: Wake up! Your professor doesn't care that you were up until 2am "studying".
      3. Go To Sleep: Goodnight!  Rub this on the bottom of your feet!
      4. Too Much Fun: Had a little too much? Detox by rubbing this over your liver.
      5. Cramming Session: You got this!  Use this blend to help you stay focused and remember!
      6. Test Anxiety: Stop Stressing!  Rub this on the back of your neck, behind your ears and on your pulse points.
      7. No Time For A Sick Day: Stay out of the infirmary!  Roll this on your spine and the bottom of your feet!
      8. Roommate Woes: Sometimes roommates are THE WORST.  Use this blend to make them bearable.
      9. Chill: Just relax... it's only four years.
      10. Senior-itis: It's not over yet!  Stay motivated!
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